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Improving Cashflow

Michel Bouquet

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1.This management can help with ensuring enough cash in the business.
2.These balances are found at the bottom of the c/f forecast.
4.These resources are one of the largest cost to a business.
8.Collective name for the revenues of the business?
10.Selling debts is known as ---------?
11.An overdraft is very -------, as you only use it when you need it.
13.Initial amount invested is known as share -------?
16.An expensive way of financing debt.
18.Business that owe money are called?
20.This department deals with the manufacturing process.
21.This looks at the money in and out of the business?
24.Selling these may reduce the productive capacity.
25.Lower stock levels means we will require less -------?
1.Lowering prices should encourage this?
3.This demand may contribute to cashflow difficulties?
5.These materials are transformed into finished products.
6.Selling this will help with cashflow.
7.Putting pressure on short term finance could be through this?
9.Generic term for the payments made by business?
12.Sale and --------- means selling assets and agreeing to rent them for a given period?
13.Business give these terms to encourage customers?
14.When a business does not have enough cash to pay its liabilities aka as casfhflow -------?
15.Payments to shareholders are ---------?
17.This method of finance involves fixed repayment terms.
19.Cashflow forecast has nothing to do with this?
22.Government take these from profits?
23.This bank person decides on overdrafts for your business?

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