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States of Matter

M. Griebling

Vocabulary dealing with states of matter and changes that take place during these changes.

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2.A ________ bond holds water molecules together.
4.These lower the surface tension.
8.gas particles ideally have no ______.
10.Is a measure of the resistanceof a liquid to flow.
12.The point on a graph showing all 3 phases of matter.
13.When a gas changes into a liquid.
17.force /area =
19.The change from liquid to gas.
20.The cystalline form of water.
21.When a solid changes into a gas.
22.Glass is an example of this kind of solid.
1.Is the ability of liquids and gases to flow.
3.When a gas or vapor changes into a solid.
5.An orderly arrangement of atoms in a pattern.
6.standard temperature and pressure
7.instrument for measuring air pressure.
9.average KE of a substance
11.When the vapor pressure equal the atm pressure.
14.The change from liquid to gas only on the surface.
15.The change from solid to liquid.
16.A 4 sided crystal.
18.How many kinds of solids are there?
21.How many sides does a snow cystral have?

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