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The Nervous System Crossword Puzzle

Ashton, Cole & Tyler

1 2 3
4                     5      
8               9
13             14                  

4.Every Nerve Travels With The ______
5.This Is An Organ That Helps You Difine Smells
6._______ _______ Is Caused When There Is A Plaque Buildup In The Curulatory System.
8.Command Center For The Body
10.This Organ Helps You Distinguish Tastes
11.This Disease Makes You Have Uncontrolable "Tremors" & "Freeze" Up From Time To TIme
12.This Syndrome Causes Uncontrollable Outburstes
13.This Disease Makes You Forget Next To Everything
15.The ______ ______ Is What THis Project Is On
1.'Tim's Slow ______ Gets Him Out Alot In Dodge Ball.'
2.Parts Of Speech And Movement Is Mainly Controlled Here
3.You Lose Controle Of Your Musles With This Disease
7.You Use These To See
9.They Send Electric Impulses To The Brain
14.Without These You'd Be Unable To Hear

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