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Molecules and Structures of Life

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3.The average distance between the nuclei of two bonded atoms. (2 words)
5.This molecule, CH4, has 5 atoms and 2 elements.
7.A bond is like a flexible __________ that can rotate and stretch.
8.Model that shows only the bonds, not the size of the atoms. (2 words)
11.Bonds can ________ without breaking.
12.Not every model is perfectly ___________.
13.Model that shows size of the atoms, and the bonds between them. (3 words)
15.These are charged atoms.
16.The bond angle between hydrogen and oxygen in a water molecule is approximately one hundred and _________ degrees.
17.Composed of more than one atom.
18.In molecules, carbon atoms often form circular __________.
1.The arrangement of atoms in a substance. (2 words)
2.This common molecule has 3 atoms and 2 elements.
4.The shape of a molecule helps determine how it _________ with other chemicals.
6.Forces that hold atoms and ions together. (2 words)
7.Model that shows the space that the atoms take up, or fill. (2 words)
9.In molecules, carbon and hydrogen atoms often form __________.
10.The angle formed by two bonds to the same atom. (2 words)
14.A buckyball molecule has 60 or more carbon atoms in the shape of a ______ ball.

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