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Business Documents

3         4    
5                         6
8                         9
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2.consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted
3.document lists goods supplied, sum of money due, conditions of sale and delivery
5.detailed list used when goods are delivered in the supplier's own vehicle
7.form used when a firm sends goods through outside deliverer
8.a notice to tell a customer the goods are likely to be in transit for a while but are on the way
10.letter shows buyer owes more than what is on invoice, difference must be paid
11.a statement made when goods received or supplied are wrong, defective, or of wrong quantity
13.a formal statement setting out estimated prices of service or goods under stated conditions
14.letter from seller indicates invoice amount paid was too high
18.a letter written to seek information about goods or services
19.to give something, i.e. a receipt, refund
20.a list of goods offered for sale showing current prices
21.to ask for something
1.a document sent by a firm to its customers showing the balance due on that date
4.a request to seek information about buyer's reliability
6.a descriptive and illustrative list of goods with or without prices
9.note sent by seller when goods haven't been paid for or sent by buyer in event of delay in delivery
12.instruction to supply certain goods at the price and upon the terms mentioned
15.written acknowledgement of money received
16.a written or oral proposal put forward to be accepted or refused
17.a bid; a written offer given in answer to an advertisement inviting quotations for large projects

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