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Harry Potter


1 2 3
6 7                  
9           10        
16 17                
      19       20  
21             22        
23               24        

5.The last horcrux that was destroyed before Volemort's death
7.Type of coffee that Hermione orders in the cafe in Deathly Hallows Part 1
8.The surname of the first person to be petrified in Harry's second year
9.Dumbledore's younger sister
12.Professor Sprout was head of ........house
13.Colour of Harry's eyes
14.Time that the Hogwarts Express leaves - ...... o'clock
17.Luna Lovegood is in ..... house
19.The colours of Slytherin house are green and .......
21.The Philosopher's Stone provides the ....... of Life
22.The Weasley that was a Gryffindoor chaser in the Half-Blood Prince
23.Another name for Peter Pettigrew
24.Instrument Harry used to get past Fluffy
1.The type of lessons that Snape gave Harry in his fifth year
2.The name of Fleur Delacour's younger sister
3.Place Harry was taken to by the snatchers (2 Words)
4.Buckbeak is a .........
6.The room that the Goblet of Fire was kept in (2 Words)
10.Name of Uncle Vernon's drill company
11.First name of Dudley's friend who came to the zoo with them
15.Who gave Harry the photo album in his first year
16.First name of Professor Trelawney
17.Nam of the landlady in the Three Broomsticks
18.Voldemort's middle name
20.Professor Umbridge said that girls and boys weren't allowed ..... inches to each other

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