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Atmospheric Terms

Earth & Space Science - Mr. Hobson

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1.transfer of thermal energy by electromagnetic waves
4.puffy, lumpy-looking clouds that usually occur below 2000 m
5.stable air produces ______ weather clouds
7.wind speed ______ with altitude
8.transfer of thermal energy by the movement of heated material from one location to another
11.air moves from areas of ______ pressure to areas of _______ pressure (2 Words)
12.number of oxygen atoms in a molecule of ozone
13.common temperature scale
16.all forms of water that fall from clouds to the ground
18.a process in which temperature changes without addition or removal of thermal energy from a system
19.transfer of thermal energy between objects when their atoms or molecules collide
20.the surface of the Earth does this with 50% of the radiation from the sun
21.layer of the atmosphere between 50 km to 100 km above Earth’s surface
22.occurs when air flows into the same area from different directions
25.area of the atmosphere that blocks harmful ultraviolet radiation (2 Words)
27.warm air is ______ dense than cool air
29.the amount of water vapor in a volume of air relative to the amount of water vapor needed for that volume of air to reach saturation (2 Words)
30.burning of these has increased the CO2 levels in our atmosphere (2 Words)
32.air pressure ________ as altitude decreases
36.low clouds that flatten out and are spread horizontally by the wind
38.small particle in the atmosphere around which water droplets can form (2 Words)
43.21% of the atmosphere
45.state of change from a liquid to a gas
47.unstable air is usually associated with clouds that produce ________
48.height at which condensation occurs (3 Words)
2.temperature does this within the troposphere
3.78% of the atmosphere
6.a component of the atmosphere that can vary with the seasons (2 Words)
9.the total energy of the particles in an object due to their random motion (2 Words)
10.measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in a material
14.density of air ________ as altitude increases
15.layer of the atmosphere that contains the ozone layer
17.occurs when an air mass is forced to rise over elevated land (2 Words)
23.high level clouds that have a wispy, indistinct appearance
24.the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere at a given location on Earth’s surface
26.layer of the atmosphere right before outer space
28.this occurs with an increase in temperature with height in an atmospheric layer (2 Words)
31.about 30% of solar radiation is ________ into space by Earth’s surface
33.occurs when cloud droplets collide and join together to form larger droplets
34.towering vertical clouds that are capable of producing strong thunderstorms
35.middle level clouds, made of ice crystals and water droplets, that are usually gray and produce mild precipitation
37.transfer of thermal energy from a region of higher temperature to a region of lower temperature
39.state of change from a gas to a liquid
40.layer of the atmosphere above the mesosphere
41.layer of the atmosphere in which weather occurs
42.when the amount of water vapor in a volume of air has reached the maximum amount
44.common temperature scale
46.temperature at which air must be cooled at constant pressure to reach saturation (2 Words)

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