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#105.00 Operating Power Saws

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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3.The ___ shall always be shut down when unattended
5.Have a plan of _____ before putting the saw into operation;
6.The use of a _____ saw from ladders is not recommended if there are alternatives
10.Do not operate power saws in suspected flammable/_____ atmospheres.
13.The saw ___ should be only as deep as necessary
16.To prevent ____ caused by moving belts, gears, chains, blades, etc., it is imperative that operator and guide have their protective clothing completely buttoned up
17.Keep both ____ on the control handles when operating the saw
18.Whenever possible, a team of ___ firefighters shall perform cutting operations
1.____ the rescue saw with the engine stopped the blade frontward and muffler away from your body
2.Deep cuts may weaken supporting beams and lead to _____
4.Full protection clothing shall be ____ by those members operating, and by those members in close proximity to the operation of power saws
7.Whenever possible, an _____ should be present to supervise cutting operations and to assure compliance with safety procedures
8.Operating a power saw above _____ height is extremely hazardous and should not be attempted as a normal course of action
9._____ saw operations are safest when cutting on horizontal surfaces near ground level or on vertical surfaces near waist level
11.Always keep _____ in good, clean, and serviceable condition
12.When operating close to highly combustible material, use care to prevent ignition from ____
14.Always place the safety _____ in the proper position to provide protection for the use intended before operating the saw
15.When operating power equipment under emergency conditions, accident potential is ____ due to adverse operational conditions

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