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#105.02 Ground Ladder Maintenance

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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1.Knotted or frayed _____ must be replaced
3.Great care must be exercised when raising ladders near electric ____
4.____ ladders shall be positioned such that the butt of the ladder is one fourth the height of the ladder away from the wall of the building
7.Company ____ have primary responsibility for enforcement of this procedure
8._____ shall be used at all emergency incidents at which personnel are operating above the first floor level
11.The highest level of ____ shall be attained through a combination of training of personnel and inspection and testing of department ground ladders
13.____ allow a ladder to contact any type of overhead lines
14.Care should also be taken to assure that ladders are not placed where they will be exposed to _____ or severe radiant heat that could damage the ladder
15.Any ladder removed from service shall not be used until it has been repaired and passed a complete service ____
1.The ____ on roof ladders shall be inspected to see that they work freely and are free of deformation
2.Ladders shall be placed to provide a _____ means of escape for personnel working on roofs or above the first floor
5.All ladders shall be service tested at least annually in accordance with the requirement of NFPA #____
6.If the inspection reveals any suspected problems with the ladder, it shall be immediately removed from service and reported to the _____ Officer
9.Ladders should not be placed in front of doors or windows that may be used as routes of _____ by firefighters
10.____ must latch positively and be free of deformation
12.Ladders shall be examined for discoloration or deformation which could indicate ____ exposure

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