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Earth Energy Terminology #1

Don MacIntyre CGD

This puzzle contains words commonly used in the GSHP industry.

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1.An activity whereby air is forcibly pumped out of a piping system.
5.A common toxic antifreeze used in GSHP systems which corrodes iron.
11.A temperature increment into which the range of temperatures for an area are divided.
12.A motorized device which opens and closes valves and dampers.
13.A sound absorbing insulation material.
16.A round or rectangular trunkline through which air travels
18.A metal compound used in the fabrication of heat exchangers.
20.A fixed curve in a duct which assists the air to change direction.
22.A calculation of the energy demand, heating or cooling, for a specified area.
23.A medium into which heat energy is deposited.
24.An exchanger used to capture superheat from the high pressure line of a heat pump compressor.
27.A device used to discharge and direct air flow from a duct.
28.An international GSHP association.
29.Output in watts divided by input in watts.
33.An area within a building for which heating and cooling loads are determined.
34.An acronym used to express the ratio of outside diameter to wall thickness of HDPE pipe.
35.That type of welding used to join plastic pipe.
36.A plastic compound used in the production of ground loop piping.
39.A type of coiled heat exchanger comprised of a pipe inside another pipe.
41.A vertical hole drilled in the ground.
42.A Montmorillonite clay material used to make seal boreholes.
44.PSI is a term used to express pressure in _______ per square inch.
46.An underground layer of rock or sand containing water.
1.A piping configuration which allows the circulating fluid to follow more than one flow path.
2.A piping configuration which carries the circulating fluid in a single flow path.
3.12,000 btu/h
4.A mixture of sodium bentonite, potable water, and quartzite sand.
6.A switching device actuated by the temperature of a fluid.
7.An excavation machine equipped with a toothed chain.
8.Heating Ventilating, and Air Conditioning.
9.A small electrically powered pump used to move fluids.
10.A term synonymous with geothermal.
14.A switching device actuated by the temperature in a zone.
15.The formation of air bubbles due to depressurization or vacuums in a flowing liquid.
17.An activity whereby debris is forcibly pumped out of a piping system.
19.Describes the movement of heat energy through the earth.
21.A larger pipe section, usually located in the mechanical room, to which many smaller pipes are connected.
23.A medium from which heat energy is extracted.
25.A common non toxic glycol used in GSHP systems.
26.An adjustable device which controls air flow in a duct.
30.An exchanger in which the refrigerant rejects heat energy.
31.An exchanger in which the refrigerant absorbs heat energy.
32.A fusion welding technique joining two lengths of pipe of equal diameter without a connecting fitting.
37.A pipe size and wall thickness classification system originating with the iron pipe industry.
38.A larger pipe section located in the earth, reducing in size as many smaller pipes are connected.
40.A term used to express a quantity of heat equal to 100,000 btu.
41.A unit of pressure equal to 100 kilopascals, and roughly equal to the atmospheric pressure at sea level.
43.Old term used to express resistance to fluid flow caused by distance, bends, fittings, valves.
45.Output in btu divided by input in watts adjusted for seasons.

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