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Study Guide for Technology Midterm

William Vasconcelos

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9     10               11

4.The ability to perceive the visual.
5.To press the mouse button twice in rapid succession without moving the mouse between clicks.
7.Pressing the “prnt scrn” button and pasting the image in a document or other program.
8.The ability to use words and language.
9.The ability to produce and appreciate music.
12.The ability to self-reflect and be aware of one's inner state of being.
13.To quit all applications and turn off the computer.
14.A digital platform to submit students work.
15.This is the primary text input device. It also contains certain standard function keys, such as the Escape key, tab, and arrow keys, shift and control keys, and sometimes other manufacturer-customized keys.
1.The ability to control body movements and handle objects skillfully.
2.To select an object by pressing the mouse button when the cursor is pointing to the required menu option, icon or hypertext link.
3.Allows users to view a graphical display of their progress.
6.Creating posts or a page that pokes fun at or insults another person.
10.There is no such thing as “private” when using this.
11.Personalized speaking avatars.

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