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Pirates of the Caribbean


The numbers next to the clues indicates which movie it was from

2         3        
4 5 6                
9             10          
  12   13              
      14 15
16                   17            
  19         20  

2.Will's former occupation before pirating #1
6.Name of Lord Beckett's ship
7.Jack's dad is also known as Captain.....
9.Elizabeth suspected this to be poisoned #1
10.Jack used a ...... to kill Barbossa
11.Used to bind Calypso (nine......) (3 Words)
12.Jack's three favourite things were his hat, rum and .... (2 Words)
16.Kissed Elizabeth right before he was stabbed by Bill Turner #3
17.A pirate port
18.Became pirate king #3
19.Used to find whatever who want most
21.Who gave Ragetti his wooden eye
22.Calypso (2 Words)
23.Slapped Jack first when he arrived in Tortuga #1
1.Name of Davy Jones' ship (2 Words)
3.Another word for stealing a ship according to Pintel
4.The object that Elizabeth took from will when they first met #1
5.Location of the fourth Brethren Court #3 (2 Words)
8.Jack was given a necklace made of ....... #2
13.Disguised herself as Jack #4
14.Where Will and Elizabeth were supposed to be married #2 (2 Words)
15.Barbossa's monkey
16.Amount of pirate lords
20.Queen Anne's Revenge is a ....... #4

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