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Weight Loss a Healthy Approach


1 2      
4   5    
6 7       8       9
10           11            

2.When you miss a meal.
4.The amount of energy you "burn up"can be affected by this.
7.Balance extra food with extra ...............
10.If you are over this age you should see a doctor before starting an exercise program.
11.Can increase in size if large meals are eaten.
12.When exercising choose activities you think are ........
14.Foods that are only eaten sometimes.
15.We need to eat a ............... of foods.
1.A professional who can help you lose weight.
2.When your weight doesn't change much.
3.Extra kilos are stored as this.
5.Exercise can increase your levels of this.
6.Diets that will slow your metabolism.
8.Our population has become more overweight because our lives are more........
9.The speed your body uses food.
13.The number of small meals eaten instead of three large ones

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