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1 2
3 4 5                  
  6             7                
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      10               11
15     16   17

5.I believe in the importance of creating stability in the classroom
6.demonstrating and valuing the respect for all students, teachers, and families
7.I recognize the value of teaching, and strive to end each day knowing I acted with integrity
8.I value the ability to be a life-long learner, and believe that reflection is a crucial part of successful teaching
10.I have a lifelong commitment to learning and growth
12.I recognize the importance of my need to be professional while on the job and value the standards that govern the profession
13.I value play as in integral part of the classroom and of a successful learning experience
14.I believe in fostering the natural curiousity of children
18.I value the opportunity for the community to heal as a whole, and to recognize the distinction between action and actor
19.I want to create a classroom that values diversity in it's many shapes and forms
20.I value the ongoing opportunities for professional development and continued education so that I might provide the best practice
21.I believe that children are raised by a community, and that we all have a responsiblity to the child and to each other for the well being
22.I believe in the responsibilty of educators to support and to embody healthy lliving
1.I follow the practice that acknowledges different levels of ability and therefore provides different activities best suited to each learner's unique needs
2.creating an atmosphere that provides all individuals with oportunities to succeed
3.I believe in the strength and importance of utilizing a support network, both personally and professionally
4.I believe in honesty as the foundation for a successful teaching career - honesty with self, students and collegues
9.I understand the role of the teacher as being one who unconditionally supports children and their success
11.I appreciate the opportunities given in teaching to be creative and try different things for unique students and situations
15.I truly value the opportunity that being a part of child's life provides, and I will work to protect that child as much as
16.My passion for children lead me to this career path, and I hope that it propels me forward
17.I recognize the unique demands of the individual and the classroom that call for professional flexiblity

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