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1.A run got from a bye,wide or no-ball.
4.The name of the postions close to the batsman
5.The wood a cricket bat is made of
6.The delivery of 6(or 8) consecutive balls by one bowler
7.Batsmen and wicket keepers wear these
10.An over where no runs are scored
13.The person who trains and guides the team
15.A player(or teams) turn to bat(or bowl)
17.The edge of the field
20.When a bowler takes a wicket in three consecutive deliveries
23.A player adept at batting, fielding and bowling
25.Another name for the Skipper of the team
26.Protective head piece
2.the person(s) who enforces the rules of the game
3.A very easy catch
4.The score when a ball is hit over the boundary
8.The number of players in a cricket team
9.Out for no runs
11.The name of the prize in the Australia v's England Test matches
12.One hundred runs
14.The runs etc. are recorded on this
16.The outside of a cricket ball is covered with this
18.Stumps and bails combine to be called this
19.The act of throwing the cricket ball
21.The name of the 5-day International cricket match
22.The name of the player who throws the ball to the batter
24.The protective covering over a batter's and wicket keeper's legs

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