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Sailor Moon

4 5   6            
9                   10      

2.A gray cat. She is the daughter of Luna and Artemis. She is Rini/Sailor Mini Moon's cat.
5.A white cat. He is Mina/Sailor Venus's cat.
7.A black cat. She is Serena/Sailor Moon's cat.
9.Mina Aino. Her Sailor Suit: Orange, Yellow and Dark Blue. She transform into_________________.
11.Lita Kino. Her Sailor Suit: Green and Pink. She transform into___________________________.
12.Amara Tenoh. Her Sailor Suit: Dark Blue and Yellow. She transform into___________________.
13.Trista Meioh. Her Sailor Suit: Black, Dark Red or Brown. She transform into____________________________.
1.Michelle Kaioh. Her Sailor Suit: Teal and Cerulean. She transform into__________________.
3.Hotaru Tomoe. Her Sailor Suit: Purple and Brown. She transform into_______________.
4.Serena Tsukino. Her Sailor Suit: Red and Blue. She falls in love with Tuxedo Mask/Darien. She's the leader of Sailor Scouts. In the name of the Moon. She transform into______________.
6.Darien Shield. He is Serena/Sailor Moon's boyfriend. He transform into___________________.
8.Rini Tsukino. Her Sailor Suit: Pink and Red. She transform into____________.
9.Raye Hino. Her Sailor Suit: Red and Purple. She transform into_______________.
10.Amy Anderson. Her Sailor Suit: Blue and Light Blue. She transform into____________________.

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