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Finish the Jonas Brothers' Lyrics

1 2
  3 4 5   6 7
8         9              
  12 13
16   17  

8.The stars are light and the moon is bright from____________-We've Got The Party.
9.Playing back in the moments, now I'm starting to______________-Your Biggest Fan.
10.Did you ever think your_____________?-Keep It Real.
14.We were in the fast lane going to who knows___________-Drive.
15.You can take these presents underneath my________-Girl Of My Dreams.
16.Searching for that something______-Take A Breath.
18.And every time you smile, you laugh, you______-A Little Bit Longer.
19.To send me to another__________-Out of this World.
1.You're the Voice I hear inside my________-Gotta Find You.
2.It might sound_________-Pizza Girl.
3.We can drive around and see a___________-BB Good.
4.We've got the words if you got the__________________-Set This Party Off.
5.But tonight, I'm gonna_______-Hello Beautiful.
6.I finally found the missing part of____-Lovebug.
7.You, I wanna fight with_____-Much Better.
9.All by yourself, gotta catch my____________-Burning Up.
11.Girl you broke my heart and let________-One Man Show.
12.Stop! Tell me the_________-Pushing Me Away.
13.All our hopes and our dreams will come_________-Please Be Mine.
17.The earth can be a heavy______-Time For Me To Fly.

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