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AP Stats - Chapters 2 and 3 Vocabulary


Review of AP Stats voasbulary which is found in Chapters 2 and 3

1 2       3        
  5     6              
9           10                 11  
    14 15
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2.shows a bar whose area represents the count (or %) of observations for each category of a categorical variable
4.tells who, what, where, when, why, and how in terms of data
5.the distribution of a variable restricting the "who" to consider only a smaller group of individuals
8.when averages are taken across different groups, they can appear to contradict the overall averages
9.the cases we actually examine in seeking to understand the much larger population
10.a table which displays counts and, sometimes, percentages of individuals falling into named categories on two or more variables
13.gives the possible values of the variable and the relative frequency of each value
16.in a statistical display, each data value should be represented by the same amount of area
18.lists the categories in a categorical variable and gives the count (or %)
19.in a contingency table, the distribution of either variable alone
20.a variable in which the #s act as numerical values; they always have units
21.a arrangementof data in which each row represents a case and each column represents a variable
1.displays the conditional distribution of a categorical variable within each category of another variable
3.a variable that names categories
6.systematically recorded information, whether #s or lables, together with its context
7.standard of measurement such as dollars, hours, or grams
11.an individual about whom or which we have data
12.variables are said to be this if the conditional distribution of one variable is the same for each category of the other
14.all the cases we wish we knew about
15.holds information about the same characteristic for many cases
17.shows how "whole" divides into categories by showing a wedge of a circle whose area corresponds to the proportion in each category

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