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Regions of the Earth

Name: _____________________________________

Figure out the words from the definitions for the characteristics of the three major climate zones.

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5.region that is warm all year round and rainfall is high
6.region is cold most of the year and little snow or rain falls
9.huge area of plains with no trees
12.average weather of a region over a long period of time
13.Plants that stays green all year
15.areas where many kinds of grasses grow
16.an area where no trees grow
17.a place that gets less than 25.4 centimeters of rain in a year
18.means the plants lose all their leaves at a certain time of
19.area of a mountain covered in snow
1.a forest that grows where it is warm and wet all
2.a type of grass
3.height of an area above sea level
4.distance North or South of the equator
7.area around the North Pole
8.a moving stream of water in an ocean
10.an area in a desert that has water
11.region has cold winters and warm summers
14.a place where many trees grow
18.sand that has piled up very high

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