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8th grade Math


1 2 3
  5           6             7        
      8     9
10                     11         12                  
    13   14                    
  16     17     18    
19 20                           21       22        
  24                           25          
  29         30              
  32                                 33  
34           35                                        
38                 39                    
  41               42          

5.middle number in an ordered set of data
6.relationship between the variables
10.combination of the set of rational and irrational numbers (2 Words)
11.plane formed by a horizontal line (x-axis) and a vertical line (y-axis) (2 Words)
14.distance across a circle through the center point
15.last or largest in a series of values (2 Words)
19.events where the outcome of the first event affects the probability that the second event occurs (2 Words)
22.the number of square units that cover a figure
23.in a right triangle : a + b = c (2 Words)
24.quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides
25.the point where the x-axis and y-axis intersect (0,0)
26.ratio between two units where one of the terms is 1 (2 Words)
30.turning an object around a fixed point
32.the opposite of a given number (2 Words)
34.proportion that has a constant rate of change, its graph goes through the origin, y=kx where k is the constant of proportionality (2 Words)
37.one of two equal factors of a number (2 Words)
38.difference in the greatest and least numbers in a set of data
39.ratio between two sets of measurements (2 Words)
40.way to write very large or small numbers compactly using powers of 10 (2 Words)
41.number that tells how many times the base number is to be used as a factor
42.the "average" of a set of data
43.distance around a circle
44.the distance of a number from zero on a number-line (2 Words)
1.four regions of the coordinate plane
2.set of all possible outcomes (2 Words)
3.half of the diameter of a circle
4.number of square units it takes to cover all the surfaces of a solid figure (3 Words)
7.translation, reflection, rotation, dilation, or a combination of these
8.distance around a figure
9.one positive combined with one negative to make zero (2 Words)
12.number which cannot be written in the form of a ratio of two integers (2 Words)
13.flipping an object over an imaginary line creating a mirror image
16.postive and negative whole numbers, including zero
17.number of outcomes in the event out of the number of possible outcomes (2 Words)
18.square units it takes to cover the sides of a figure excluding the bases (3 Words)
20.number of the observed occurrences of the event out of the total number of trials (2 Words)
21.mean, median, or mode of a data set (4 Words)
27.quadrilateral with two pairs of equal parallel sides
28.terms that have the same variable with the same exponent (2 Words)
29.events where the outcome of one event does not affect the outcome of another (2 Words)
31.enlarging or reducing an image, depending on the scale factor to create a similar image
33.a number that can be written as a fraction of two integers (2 Words)
35.sliding an object without turning or flipping
36.in a right triangle the side that connects the legs and is opposite the right angles
42.number that occurs the most often in a set of data

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