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Air Pollution Crossword Puzzle

Nithin Das

1                           2            
9                 10        
12                       13  
17                     18                    

1.The condition when cooler air is below and warmer air above; it causes smog to form.
3.Region of the stratosphere that is severely depleted of ozone molecules.
4.Amount of the particulate or gas pollutant per unit volume of air.
7.A device used in vehicles, that converts the VOC's into carbon dioxide and water.
8.Reactants that require the sunlight's energy to propel the reaction.
9.A substance that pollutes the air, water, or soil.
10.A haze that is formed when fog and smoke mix.
11.Tiny subdivisions of solid matter suspended in a gas or liquid.
12.Specific areas of origins of pollutants.
14.First Federal Air Quality Law passed in the U.S. to govern the air pollution emissions.
15.Oxides in the atmosphere that combine with water, and result in a precipitation of Ph. 5.5 or lesser.
17.Pollutants that are formed in the environment as a result of reacting with the primary pollutants.
19.Broad and dispersed areas of origins of pollutants.
2.Organic compounds that enter the air in the the vapor state; or compounds that result from an incomplete combustion of fuels.
5.Direct products of combustion and evaporation.
6.The production and discharge of something, esp. gasses or or radiation.
8.The negative logarithm arrangement to express the concentration of hydroxide ions.
13.Substances that induce the growth of cancerous cells.
16.A major source of air pollution that is radioactive.
18.Found in the upper layers of the atmosphere, and prevents the U.V. rays from reaching Earth's surface.

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