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Perelandra (Voyage to Venus) by C.S Lewis

S. Ritchie (kepnock004@lavabit.com)

Have you read C.S Lewis' "Voyage to Venus"?

Then try this crossword.

1 2
  6   7

4."There hung fruits as smooth and brightand round as..." As what?
10.What are the next four words in this sentence: "In one sense displaced by the advent of imperial man, yet in some other sense..."
1.At first, the planet Venus is covered with floating...?
2.Fill in the missing word: "What had staggered and disgusted him when it first began saying 'Ransom, Ransom' continued to [..?..] him every day and every hour."
3.What is the lie Ransom tells on Perelander?
5.The planet Mars is known as...
6.The Green Lady calls Ransom by what name?
7.What language does Ransom use for his inscription on the cliff face?
8.What colour is the first fruit that Ransom tastes on Perelander?
9.The force of temptation on Perelander has a name. He is:

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