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All About Acting

Carissa Modestil

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1.Rehearsing without a script
4.A group of performers who work together as a team to create a total effect rather than individual performances
7.A short play with a beginning, middle, and end usually with no change of scenery or intermission
8.Notes in a script of a play indicating stage business and blocking
11.Sneaky villains, and overprotective fathers, that are immediately recognizable by an audience
13.The person who develops the artistic plan that creates the world of the play
16.a scene for two people
18.The information put out before an audience that gives the where, when, why and who facts of the play
20.The non-Acting aspects of putting on a play or performance
22.what the play means as opposed to what happens in it
23.The person around whom the action revolves
25.The directors Liaison backstage
27.A division of a particular form of art
30.A form of drama in which the main character suffers disaster
31.The final rehearsal prior to opening night in which the show is run with full technical elements
33.Angling the body slightly toward the audience while still presuming to face the character you are still in conversation with
34.The stance of a character
35.The moment at the conclusion of a performance when the cast bows to the audience in acknowledgement of their applause
37.The person or force working against the protagonist in a play
38.The major action of a play and one of two elements out which most scripts grow
2.A character's goal or interntion
3.Coordination of actors movements on stage
5.A type of dramatic literature containing music, song and movement
6.To move from one place to another on stage
9.The line or action that triggers another line or action
10.Refers to plays that present a conflict between good and evil with good prevailing
12.The struggle between two opposing forces
14.The first incident leading into the rising action of the play
15.A try-out in which the actor is asked to read from a scene without having the opportunity to fully prepare
17.The point at which the conflict can go no further without bringing about a resolution
19.The very first event in a play from which the rest of the plot develops
21.The series of events that follow the climax
24.A comedy with exaggerated characterizations, abundant physical or visual humor, and often an improbable plot
26.The oposition to the protagonist in a play it may be circumstances or people
28.The written dialogue
29.The middle part of the plot leading to the climax
32.The type of comedy that uses wit, irony, and exaggeration to expose individual or institution folly, vice, or stupidity
36.The events of a play

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