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Horse stuff

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1.Restraint applied to the nose
8.Used to measure the height of the horse
10.An uneven gait
13.The farrier uses this tool to trim hoofs
17.Breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack
18.used for repairing or makeing saddlery
21.A benign tumour in the pituitary gland causes this
22.The joint in the middle of the hind leg
23.When the horse hasn't had enough to drink
26.An acute highly contagious disease of the respiratory system
28.Great in a salad but poisonous to horses
30.The normal range is 37.5 - 38.3 degrees c
32.Serious injury to the tendon behind the cannon bone
34.olympic disipline
36.The horse's true knee
37.Found on the back of the fetlock
38.The common name for the shin
40.Type of bit used by western riders
41.Commonly known as roundworm
43.Was bred to trot or pace
44.14 hh and under
45.Goes on the head and attaches the bit and reins
47.The normal rate is 8 - 15 breaths per minute
50.Area below the lips
51.Crazy ranga
2.A disease caused by C Tetani.
3.Beats about 30 - 40 times a minute
4.A comfy? seat for the rider
5.Used to shape the horses feet
6.Common name for Anthelmintic paste or liquid
7.An inflamation of the sensitive laminae
9.parasites, include, bush, cattle and paralysis
11.An adult uncasterated male
12.Used to cover an injury or for protection of the leg
14.The normal colour of the mucous membranes
15.Bony swelling below the fetlock usually located near the pastern
16.Keeps the saddle in place
19.Type of vey scary virus caught from bats
20.Over 15 hh
24.Was bred to race for the melbourne cup
25.A swelling between the cannon and splint bone
27.Jerky movement in one or both hind legs
29.The first joint in the foot
31.Placed into the nucal ligament on the near side
33.Over 14hh & not exceeding 15 hh
35.A feed supplement used to replace body salts lost in sweat
39.An ownership mark on the shoulder
42.Type of bit
46.You will need one of these if you are silly enought to do endurance
48.Artifical aid worn on the riders heal
49.T shirt, jumper or coat for your horse

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