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1 2 3 4      
5     6            
      8 9
10 11                      
  14               15              
19 20 21   22  
      23   24                 25          
      27     28              
  29                         30 31        
32 33               34    
        35   36  
37                       38            
40 41           42        

3.a health and body care shop named after something on your feet
5.have q network called bbm and famous for there keypads
7.a shop for games i.e. fifa12
11.where HAPPY fish chomp on your FEET
13.creator of the almighty air max
14.offers a new look
17.underwear shop
18.very exspencive and sells many brands would need a bank to affored from there
23.nice ffod and my grandma shops there
26.makes comutors and pc hardware
28.worlds nicest energy drink
29.the cheap jjb
31.named after a fruit make the iphone
32.kentucy fried chicken
34.cd and dvd seller 3 letters
37.lovley pretizils
38.aligator logo
39.supermarket green sign
40.afican shoes
42.big super market brand
1.the exspencive sports direct
2.ELC sells kids toys
4.phone company named after a colour
6.words most popular drink
8.pizza shop also a game
9.accsory shop named after little girl
10.named after a van
12.big company named after something in a park
16.sausage rolls of perfection
19.oppisite to topshop
20.a shop for shoes and staff dress a refres
21.califoria cloths shop
22.home of the adidas pt's and sports shop
24.topmans fanboy
25.mcdonlads mcdonald kentuky fried chicken and a......
27.fast food franchise
30.2.99 is the most exspencive thing but very big and popular
33.a car make based in detriot make the car the fiesta
35.gadget shop red5
36.coffe shop
41.phone shop letter and a number.

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