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Well-known Pterosaur Genera

Devin Nathaniel Bell

Find the names of these well-known flying reptiles.

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1.Known from more fossil specimens than any other pterosaur, with about 1,200 specimens known to science, many of them well preserved, with complete skulls and articulated skeletons.
3.a pigeon-sized pterosaur with a wingspan of 50–75 centimetres (20 to –30 inches), and lived during the late Jurassic on lake shores.
4.The largest flying animal known to science. Although no complete fossil has been discovered, what little fossils paleontologists have found give the creature an estimated wingspan of roughly 12 metres (40 ft.).
5.One of the largest known flying animals of all time, with a wingspan of 11-12 meters.
6.One of the largest pterosaur genera and had a wingspan of up to 7.25 metres (23.8 ft).
7.A Cretaceous pterosaur from South America with a wingspan around 1.33 metres and with over 500 tall, narrow teeth, which were presumably used in filter-feeding, much like modern flamingos. Also like flamingos, this pterosaur's diet may have resulted in the animal having a pink hue. It was South America's first pterosaur find.
2.A Jurassic pterosaur with a vane at the end of its tail, which may have acted to stabilise the tail in flight.

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