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Research Methods

Introduction to Psychology

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4.research attempts to confirm or disconfirm this prediction
5.color of eyes and intelligence is an example of ___ correlation
8.detailed examination of one person (such as a zoophilic exhibitionist) or situation (survivors of an avalanche) (2 Words)
9.an ___ is a carefully controlled design characterized by randon assignment of participants into two groups, the manipulation of one variable and the measurement of another variable
13.mental shortcut, streamlines thinking, makes sense of the world
14.this heuristic is similar to the expression "judging a book by its cover"
17.her findings on sexual behavior were based on only 4.5% of her sample which may not have been a representative sample of her population
18.one of the problems with self-reports is that some people ____
25.these biases are systematic errors in thinking
26.this type of validity allows us to generalize findings to the real world
28.illusory correlations are often the basis of _____________
29.the scientific principle "___ vs. ____" asks the question "Can we be sure that A causes B?" (2 Words)
30.this observation takes place in real-world settings without manipulating the situation
31.measure assesses what it was intended to measure
32.this is used to measure people's opinion and attitudes
1.___ variables refer to any changes other than by the independent variable
2.consistency of measurement
3.the ___ group doesn't receive manipulation of the independent variable
6.this bias is also known as "I knew it all along"
7."the more hours a student is on Facebook, the lower the test score" is an example of a ___ correlation
10."the more hours a student studies, the higher the test score" is an example of a ____ correlation
11.the ___ group receives the manipulation of the independent variable
12.the __ variable is measure to see whether manipulation of an independent variable has had an effect
15.this scientific principle asks the question "Is the evidence as strong as the claim?" (2 Words)
16.this is another word for self-report measures
19.this type of design determines whether or not two variables relate to each other statistically
20.the ____ definition of anxiety may be the subject's score on a test of anxiety
21.experiments may be ___-____ to prevent experimenter expectancy effects
22.this heuristic is based on the ease to which it comes to mind
23.only an experiment can establish ___ and ____ (2 Words)
24.an example of this is rating an attractive person as more successful, confident, assertive, and intelligent than other people (2 Words)
27.naturalistic observation is low in this type of validity (cause-and-effect)

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