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World Religious Words

Meredith Mitchell

I am in a world history class and these are just several vocabulary words I have for the religions I am learning.

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4.When a god is represented in an earthly form
6.when you are enlightened and free from selfishness and pain
8.the good and bad actions that determine where a person is placed in the caste system after reincarnation
9.Buddhism was founded and based off of him
10.A system where the people are divided by family and wealth
12.active state of energy that is light
13.when you understand things and have wisdom
14.when you have respect, awe, and honor
1.Is the work and duties that each person of a caste must be responsible for
2.A traveling chinese philosopher
3.Means "they way"
5.When the spirit of a person or any living thing is recreated
7.A belief where there are many gods
11.passive state of energy that is dark

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