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1.The type of twins that develop from two fertilized eggs.
3.Fine hair that sometimes grows on a baby's back and shoulders at birth; it goes away in 1 to 2 weeks.
4.The discharge, often mucus and some blood, that occurs as labor approaches. It also refers to the mucus plug that pushes out when the cervix begins to efface or dilate.
6.Thinning or shortenig of the cervix during labor.
7.A pattern of physical, mental, and behaivoral problems in the baby that is thought to be caused by alcohol abuse by the mother during pregnancy.
9.A protein that is measured to detect Down Syndrome or Spina Bifida.
12.The appearance of the baby's head at the vaginal opening.
15.The type of twins that develop from one fertilized egg.
16.A test in which sould waves are used to examine internal structures, such as a fetus.
20.Swelling caused by fluid retention.
21.A surgical incision made into the region between the vagina and rectum to widen the vaginal opening for delivery.
23.The mother's first feeling of movement of the fetus.
24.A greenish substance that builds up in the bowels of a growing fetus and is normally discharged shortly after birth.
28.A neural tube defect that results from improper closure of the fetal spine.
29.A greasy, whitish coating of a newborn.
30.A condition in which the blood is low in red blood cells, in hemoglobin, or in total volume.
31.A build-up of bilirubin that causes the skin to appear abnormally yellowish.
33.Relief of pain by loss of sensation.
34.The softening of the cervix that occurs before the onset of labor.
35.A fluid filled sac in the mother's uterus in which the fetus develops.
1.Special instruments placed around the baby's head to help guide it out of the birth canal during delivery.
2.Production of milk in the breasts.
5.A drug used to help bring on contractions.
8.When the fetus's head moves down in the uterus and presses against the cervix and bladder; this occurs a few weeks before birth.
10.Agents that can cause birth defects when a woman is exposed to them during pregnancy.
11.A baby growing in the mother's uterus.
13.Stretching of the walls of the cervix so that the opening of the cervix is widened.
14.A condition in which the levels of sugar in the blood are too high.
17.A cordlike structrure that foms normally during pregnancy and connects the baby's bloodstream to the mother's bloodstream.
18.A dark line running from the naval to the pubic hair that darkens during pregnancy.
19.The developing fertilized egg of early pregnancy.
22.A condition of pregnancy in which there is high blood pressure, swelling due to fluid rentention, and abnormal kidney function.
25.A muscular organ located in the female pelvis that contains and nourishes the developing fetus during pregnancy.
26.Anesthesia that numbs the lower half of the body.
27.The urge to eat nonfood items; sometimes occurs during pregnancy.
32.The hormone that is detected in most pregnancy tests.

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