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Postpartum Risks


Possible complications during the postpartum period

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2.Abbreviation for the serious depression affecting 4.5 - 28% of women after childbirth.
6.Fragments most common cause of late hemorrhage.
9.Infection involving connective tissue or pelvic structures; AKA pelvic cellulitis.
10.Relaxation of the uterus
11.Term for the formation of a thrombus due to inflammation of a vein wall. AKA DVT
13.Localized collection of blood from an injured blood vessel.
15.Failure of placental site to return to normal size.
16.Hemorrhage occuring within 24 hours of birth. AKA "early".
17.Unilateral inflammation of breast connective tissue, easpecially in lactating women.
18.Hemorrhage occuring from one day to six weeks. AKA "late".
19.A mild depression occuring in 50 to 70% of mothers after childbirth; postpartum ________
1.When a thrombus from the legs or pelvis lodges in the pulmonary vascular bed restricting circulation
2.Infection of the reproductive tract occuring within six weeks childbirth.
3.Postpartum behavior including irrational thinking and behaviors, hallucinations and delusions.
4.Caused by urinary retention, increased bladder capacity, bacterial shedding, or catheterization.
5.Enlarged veins; common factor in superficial thrombophlebitis
7.Infection of uterine lining; most common postpartum infection.
8.Three major causes of thromboembolic disease known as _______'s Triad
12.A rapid and copious dischage of blood; possibly problematic.
14.Candida albicans causing mastitis can also cause this infection on the baby's mouth

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