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chemistry puzzle porject 1

Conrad McKoy

  2 3
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14                                   15
16                         17  

6.Lithium _________, Li2CO3, is a prescription medicine for chronic depression
8.the organ that excretes potasium even when levels are low
10.discovered in 1860 by Bunsen and Kirchhoff
11.symbol on the periodic table is Rb
13.contained in watches that vibrate at a constant rate
14.used in bleach and to disenfect swimming pools
16.silver-gray metal soft enough to cut with a knife
18.a yellow fruit high in potasium but low in sodium
19.produces CO2 and steam which causes baked goods to rise
20.discovered in 1939 by Marguerite Perey
1.all alkali metals react with halogens to form an ionic _______
2.an element discovered in 1817 by Johan August Arfvedson
3.element found in table salt
4.symbol on the periodic table is K
5.uses less energy than most other light sources and cost less to operate
7.a point at which a liquid bubles
9.signs of depletion of this are mucle crampls nausea and inability to think clearly
12.a point at which an element liquifys
15.contains sodium and used by most chefs in kitchens
17.2 million people suffer from this diseas and the ionic compound lithium carbonate is often used to control the symtoms

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