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Chapter 4 Vocabulary

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4.the square root of the variance; it's usually reported along with the mean
8.a calculated summary in which outliers have only a small effect on it
9.this slices up all the possible values of the variable into equal-width bins and gives the # of values (or counts) falling into each bin
10.found by summing all the data values and dividing by the count; is usually paired with standard deviation
11.uses adjacent bars to show the distribution of a quantitative variable
13.the place in the distribution of a variable that you'd point to if you wanted to attempt the impossible by summarizing the entire distribution with a single #; includes the mean and median
16.the middle value, when in order, with half of the data above and half below it
21.a distribution that is roughly flat
22.a display that shows quantitative data values in a way that sketches the distribution of the data
23.graphs a dot for each case against a single axis
25.the sum of the squared deviations of the mean, divided by the count minus 1
1.these and the median divide data into four parts with equal #s of data values
2.look for single vs. multiple modes, symmetry vs. skewness, and outliers and gaps
3.reports the min, Q1, median, Q3, and max
4.a distribution that is not symmetric and one tail stretches out farther than the other
5.the difference between the 1st and 3rd quartiles
6.extreme values that don't appear to belong with the rest of the data
7.the parts of a distribution that typically trail off on either side
12.difference between the highest and lowest values
14.the number that falls above n% of the data
15.having one mode; term used to describe a histogram when it is generally mound-shaped
17.distributions with two modes
18.a hump or local high point in the shape of a distribution of a variable
19.a numerical summary of how tightly the values are clustered around the center; includes IQR and standard deviation
20.a distribution in which the 2 halves on either side of the center look approximately like mirror images of each other
24.a region of a distribution where there are no values

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