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MCC(SW/AW) Kessler

1 2                             3 4 5  
  7     8 9   10      
  11       12     13
        14   15   16    
18                               19    
20             21   22                
  24       25           26  
27       28     29
30           31
35   36 37  

2.Department Heads look at which level of jobs in the OMMS approval process
4.Ensures that ships CSMP accurately reflects material condition of work center
7.Validate the MRC against this
10.Guide for hazmat
11.Work candidate states this
14.WCS required to report to concerning all 3M matters
16.RAR x ACF =
18.The XO is the ship's 3M
19.Number of Spot Checks per week required by all CVN 65 Khaki's
20.This schedule is updated weekly
22.This report is entered into Sked by the WCS
24.Verified against the MRC
25.Determines the suitability of ships for further service
27.Ratio of accomplished and scheduled Maintenance Requirements
28.System for performing tag-outs aboard CVN 65
30.Divo requirement to review CSMP
32.PQS for 3M Maintenance Man
33.A WCS is authorized to substitue
34.Indicates that repair parts are required
35.Number of man hours a maintenance man is authorized to perform
37.Basic Safety
1.Chapter C8
2.Authorized to intial line outs on the MRC
3.Performed "as required"
5.Material Condition of the Ship
6.Acronym that describes inactive equipment maintenance
9.Accomplished every 24 months
12.Checks scheduled at the end of an IEM
13.Ship's 3M manager
15.System for collection of data concerning corrective maintenance
16.Maybe required by MRC, HMUG, MSDS adn SPMIG
17.Work candidate summaries briefly describe this
19.Number of Dept Head Spot Checks per week
21.Validate the MIP against this
23.Gives guidance for 3M evaluations and assessments
26.Type of maintenace documented in the CSMP
29.Checks scheduled at the start of an IEM
31.Use this manual applicalble safety requirements
33.Guidance for performing tag-outs aboard CVN 65
36.Authorizes the changing of PMS from one Work Center to another
38.Symbol for mandatory related maintenance

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