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asian religions


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3.hinduisms god of constructive destruction
5.active energy of taoism
6.the founder of confucianism
7.passive energy of taoism
8.an asian religion based on the belief that nature and life come before material things
9.the original name of buddha and the founder of buddhism
10.an asian religion based on the belief that the way to nirvana is through the eightfold path
11.this man was the founder of taoism
1.these were the first people to practice hinduism
2.an asian religion based on the belief that one person is always in power of another person and that the person with more power protects those under them and people with less power are to learn from those above them
4.an asian religion based on the belief that having good karma will make you in higher power in your reincarnation and bad karma will put you in a lower power
10.hinduisms god of creation

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