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A & P I: Macromolecules and Cells

Christopher Jackson

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6.Molecule with a central carbon atom with an amino and a carboxyl group bound to it, as well as a functional R group (2 Words)
9.Enzymes that facilitate reactions
12.Programmed cell death
13.Granules of protein and RNA that manufacture other proteins
15.Protein with a prosthetic group covalently bound to it (2 Words)
16.Structure in which amino acids order in the polypeptide chain
20.Theory that all living things are composed of cells and new cells arise only from pre-existing cells (2 Words)
25.Contain hydrolytic digestive enzymes
27.The cell membrane is moslty made up of of this
30.Structure in which hydrogen bonds between amino and carboxyl groups create a-helix and b-sheet
32.An example of a lipid molecule
33.Move entire cell through fluid
35.Comprised of a nitrogenous base, a carbyhydrate molecule, and one or more phosphate groups
37.Structure in which R groups on the same protein bond with each other and with water molecules to create fibrous or globular protein
38.Contains genetic material and coordinates cell metabolism
1.Where cilia and flagella are anchored inside cell (2 Words)
2.Move objects over surface of cell
3.Chain of reactions with each step catalyzed by a different enzyme (2 Words)
4.Organelle with many interconnected channels of phospholipid bilayer (2 Words)
5.Energy source for nearly all metabolic reactions
7.Short cylinders of 9 groups of 3 microtubules that assist cell division
8.Severe conformational change due to extreme heat or pH
9.All material between nucleus and cell surface
10.Way of describing the plasma membrane where protein molecules have a changing patter in the fluid phospholipid bilayer (3 Words)
11.Structure where two or more polypeptide chains associate with each other by non-covalent bonds
14.gigantic molecules such as starch, protein, DNA
17.Increase surface area of cell membrande to increase absorption and do not move
18.Molecules in the membrane increase stiffness
19.Overall 3-D shape of a macromolecule
21.Receives vesicles from ER with proteins and/or lipids (2 Words)
22.Omega-3 fatty acids are an example of this type of fatty acid
23.Proteins made of multiple amino acids often acts this way around water
24.Receive chemical signals from other cells
26.Carry out specialized metabolic tasks in a cell
28.An object that causes disease
29.made of 50 or more amino acids
31.Involved in reaction facilitation
34.A substance that generates an immune response
36.Is found in RNA instead of Thyamine

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