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Childhood and Adolescence

Practical Psychology - Chapter 2

1 2 3 4
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5.during early childhood, if a sense of establishing some control over oneself and a sense of coping doesn't development, a child may experience ___ and ___ (2 Words)
7.the ___ perspective criticized Freud and Erikson for neglecting or misunderstanding the role of gender in development
8.children in this period of life often feel confused, are between maturity and childhood
10.ability to stand alone and stand by another person
11.this parenting style often produces fearful children, vulnerable to stress and moodiness
13.The ___-__-___ perspective takes into account the systematic perspective as well as the relevance of other factors such as race and gender
17.this parenting style sets high goals for children but acceptance of a child's exploration within limits
18.we may use these to protect our self-concept from unpleasant emotions (2 Words)
19.a defense mechanism in which a person directs their anger toward someone other than the origical target
24.your awareness of yourself
25.Freud's work focused on the ___ and early childhood experiences
1.a turbulent and fast-moving period of life, often feelings of powerlessness, confusion, and loneliness
2.his theory is the Psychosocial Theory of personality development
3.according to the self-in-context perspective, "otherness" in terms of race, gender and disability develops during ____ childhood
4.this theory involves the bonding between caregiver and child
6.he believed infancy is the beginning point for developing emotional intelligence
9.this is the "gift" of early childhood (2-6) according to Armstrong
12.a "good" excuse but one that is false
14.Erikson's task ____ in middle childhood (6-12) refers to creating, producting, and attaining goals, all critical events in the first 4 years of school
15.a defense mechanism in which a person attributes their own unacceptable desires and impulses to someone else
16.an ability to adapt to adversity
20.Erikson described development over the entire life span in terms of __ stages, each involving a turning point
21.father of psychoanalysis
22.due to the effects of discrimination, young people of ___ may adopt an oppositional social identity,
23.without warmth, cuddling, and attention during infancy, a baby is unable to develop __ regarding human relationships

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