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Timbre and the Families of Instruments

Orchestral Instruments

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2.This is the only member of the string family that doesn't use a bow
5.This is the largest member of the string family that uses a bow to produces sound
8.This group is made up of members from all 4 families of instruments
11.The smallest member of the string family in the orchestra
14.This instrument uses two reeds to produce sound
16.The speed of the music
17.All sound is _____________.
18.The only member of the woodwind family that doesn't use a reed
1.The largest member of the woodwind family
3.Produce sound by striking, shaking, or scraping
4.This person leads the orchestra in music making.
6.Instruments in this family produce sounds by buzzing your lips and blowing
7.String instrument that is slightly larger than a violin
9.This instruments looks like it belongs in the brass family, but it is actually a woodwind
10.While this instruments does have strings, it belongs to the percussion family
12.Most of the members of this family use a reed to produce sound
13.This are also known as "kettle drums"
15.This element of music refers to the specific sounds of each instrument/voice

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