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Grade 7/8 Health, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Bullying

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3.Involves sexual comments, gestures, actions or attention taht is intended to hurt, offend, or intimidate others.
6.To assist in solving problems.
8.Being good at blaming others.
9.Rumours or talk.
11.Feeling uncomfortable.
14.Save offensive pictures, video, text to show as proof.
15.People who watch someone who is being bullied or harassed.
17.Injured party
18.Person in charge of school.
19.Clues that something is going on.
1.To intimidate others.
2.A term used to describe what's against school policy.
3.Forcing someone to do sexual things.
4.When a behaviour or interactions makes you uncomfortable or upset.
5.The act of moving the limbs or body as an expression of thought or emphasis.
7.Most schools have this "guide" to protect students from harassment.
10.A term used to define what's against the law.
12.Using technology to send or post sexual messages or pictures.
13.Write down the events that have happened.
16.Punishable by law.

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