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The Land of the Dead

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3.God of Underworld
7.Where do the dead pass through before entering the Underworld?
9.Another word for cattle
10.Who will Odysseus kill when he returns to Ithaca?
11.Who tells Odysseus to find the prophet?
14.What does Odysseus do when he sees his mother?
19.Odysseus's mother's name
20.Will Odysseus return home with his crew?
21.Who owned the cattle the crew was warned of?
24.Race of cannibals
25.Where does Aeolus live?
26.Large-scale sacrifices
27.How will Odysseus die?
28.Odysseus's child's name
1.Where was the blind prophet a prince of?
2.Which wind was not included in Aeolus's gift?
4.Another word for deprived
5.True or False: Odysseus is terrified when he's in the Land of the Dead
6.What is Odysseus's crew mainly turned into?
8.This is done in fulfillment of a vow or pledge
10.Where does Odysseus keep his sword?
12.Wine or other liquids poured on the ground as a sacrifice
13.Animal Odysseus swears to sacrifice (two words)
15.Who died at Circe's island?
16.Blind prophet Odysseus went to
17.Who is preparing trouble for Odysseus?
18.God of Underworld's wife
22.Heaps of stones, built as a monument and marker for travelers
23.What color is the blind prophet's staff?

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