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Coronary Artery Disease

Frances Stueben

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6.Primary cause of sudden cardiac arrest in setting of MI
7.Coronary vasodilator
11.Prevents ventricular remodeling
14.Door to needle time in minutes
15.Leads V3-V4
16.Surgical management of coronary artery disease
19.Blood supply for the myocardial lateral wall
22.Indicative of ishemia
24.Initial management for a patient who presents with complaints of chest pain
27.Blood supply for the myocardial anterior wall
30.Blood supply for the myocardial inferior wall
31.ST depression with positive troponin
32.First line drug for treatment of Vtach/Vfib
33.Requires treatment with Plavix
34.Good cholesterol
1.Left main coronary artery occlusion
2.Cardiac marker that remains elevated for weeks
3.Preserves neurological function
4.Treatment for Vtach/Vfib
5.Clot buster
8.Leads II, III, and AVF
9.Nitroglycerine contraindicated with this drug
10.Door to baloon time in minutes
12.Myocardial infarction involving full thickness of the myocardium
13.Major cause of sudden cardiac death
17.Decreases myocardial oxygen demand (MVO2)
18.Preserves neurological function
20.Nonspecific enzyme that elevations within minutes of tissue damage
21.Should be performed and interpreted within 10 minutes of presentation with chest pain
23.Leads V1 and V2
25.Over the counter antiplatelet
26.Cholesterol treatment
28.Door to baloon time in minutes
29.Leads V5-V1, leads 1 and AVL

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