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Freak the Mighty : Crossword Puzzle

2 3   4
5                   6
    7       8              
11           12        

1.simple past tense and past participle of seek
5.to squat on one's heel
7.an act or instance of modifying
11.permission or right to enter
13.a very brief, passing look, slight, or view
14.a colorless, oily, water, soluble, highly toxic, liquid alkaloid, found in tabacco and valued as an insecticide
1.expressive of or appealing to sentiment, especially the tender emoitions and feelings, as love, pity, or nostalgid
2.something cut out from something else, as a pattern or figure cut out or intended to be cut out of paper, cardboard, or other material
3.A person, especially a child or young person, having extraordinary talent or ability
4.tending or seeking to evade; characterized by evasion
6.mechanical parts to assist humans in performing difficult task
8.desperate or wild with excitment, passion, fear, pain
9.having human characterized or form
10.irregular; uneven; jagged
12.The original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based

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