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3.This is at the bottom of the channel strip on a mixing desk and should always be down before connecting anything
4.A type of connector, usually with two bits - red and white
7.It would be hard to hear a singer at a gig if they didn't sing into one of these
8.Power is often supplied with this kind of cable
9.The control for this is usually at the top of the channel strip and affects the input level
10....power. Represented as +48v
11.At the end of the signal path, the sound comes out of these
1.A kind of cable that is sometimes used to connect speakers to amps
2.This is used to connect a mic to a mixing desk
5.This piece of equipment comes in handy after the mixer but before the speakers
6.This speaker does NOT face an audience
12."Lows", "Mids", "Highs" are all words associated with this type of dynamic processing

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