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Types of Bunnies

Bunnies In A Basket

A short puzzle on the various typs of bunnies out there.

1 2

3.This bunny is known as the "Velveteen Rabbit".
4.A small bunny, this breed is uniformly white with dark bands around the eyes that look like mascara
5.One of the largest breeds of domestic bunnies, because of their large size they need a bigger cage than the average bunny.
6.One of the oldest types of domestic bunnies, originating in Ankara they appear round, like a ball and have long soft fur.
7.This small bunny has a mane of wool surrounding its head like a male African lion
1.These bunnies originated from Holland Lops and have short lopped ears, and long fur. These bunnies are small, round, and fuzzy weighing up to about three and a half to four pounds.
2.This bunny originated in Holland and is an easy recognized by its black and white markings from its cheeks to a point between its ears and around its mid section

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