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Real Estate Sales and Terms

Sara Jo Jones

Real Estate Sales Terms

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1.amount of time the buyer give the seller to accept offer (2 Words)
6.the buyer fails to carry out his obligations (2 Words)
8.tenant in lease option
11.right of what
12.also known as a land contract (2 Words)
13.seller accepts the offer as printed
14.person that handles the closing of sales (2 Words)
15.buyer requests that the seller convey title by means of what (2 Words)
19.time is of the
22.party giving the option
23.extra charge a tenant may have with the privilege of an option (2 Words)
25.kind of deposit made when a buyer submits an offer
26.abbr for federal trade commission
28.another name for seller
29.income tax consequences that require professional tax counseling
30.what must an offer have on it from the buyer
2.the right to demand that title be conveyed upon payment of purchase price (2 Words)
3.two or more parties express their intention to buy or sell (3 Words)
4.letter stating that the lender will make the required loan at closing (3 Words)
5.when the property will be turned over to the buyer
7.lease with option to buy (2 Words)
9.offer to sell to the buyer at a new price other than the seller's original price
10.lease option contract tend to increase in what (2 Words)
16.failure to perform a legal duty
17.short term contract
18.what chapter is this
20.signs of termites or rotted wood (2 Words)
21.also known as addendums or attachments
24.dividing ongoing expenses and income items
27.another name for buyer

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