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The Twelve Labors of Heracles

Name __________________________________

1 2     3    
  4       5
  6   7  
      8               9  
12 13       14                        
17                     18  
    19       20
21         22          
24           25                        
26             27          

2.Heracles' charioteer, _____________________, helped him with the heads of the Lernean Hydra.
4.The Horses of Diomedes were made ______________ by eating the flesh of their owner, King Diomedes.
8.The Stymphalian Birds were killed with arrows made from _____________ __________________.
10.Heracles could not kill this little dear that had gold horns.
13.These horses were fed on human flesh...they even ate their owner.
15.Heracles' Roman name
16.The Cretan Bull which was owned by ______________ _____________ was set free by King Eurystheus and allowed to roam Greece, causing terror wherever it went.
17.This creature was so tough that no arrow could pierce it.
22.a dragon with a hundred heads
23.three-headed guard dog of the underworld
24.number of heads the Hydra had
25.The thousands of cows belonging to King Augeas lived here.
26.He guarded the Cattle of Geryon
27.Heracles' father
28.The ________________ ____________ was kept by King Minos of Crete.
29.It took ____________ _____________ to clean the Augean Stables.
1.Hera spread the news that Heracles was an enemy so the Queen of the Amazon would not give him her _________________.
3.This goddess cared deeply for the Cerynian Hind.
5.He holds up the earth.
6.The ___________________ ______________ lived around Lake Stymphalos.
7.They were beautiful red cattle.
9.The Nemean Lion was killed with an _____________ _____________ club.
11.He gave the Labors to Heracles
12.Heracles angered her and she made him go temporarily insane
14.This creature was chased into a snowdrift, netted and returned to King Eurystheus.
18.The ______________ _________________ were fetched by Atlas for Heracles.
19.This is an evil snakelike creature.
20.nymphs whose garden grew golden apples
21.The color of the jar that contained the Erymanthian Boar.

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