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Greek Mythology

Erin Hazen

Do you know as much as you think you do about Greek Mythology?

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1.I am God of music and healing.
3.We are friend to the Gods Pan and Dionysus. We roam the mountains and forests. We are the lovers of wine and Nymphs.
5.I am God of fire and forge. Romans call me Vulcan.
7.I am the God of the East winds.
12.I am the God of the West winds.
13.I am God of war. The Romans call me Mars
14.I am the Titan condemned to hold the heavens apart from the earth for all eternity.
15.My Mother is Goddess of the harvest. I am wife to Hades and Queen of the Underworld.
16.I am the God of the North winds.
18.I am the God of sleep.
1.I am the God of inevitability.
2.I am King over the Wind Gods. (2 Words)
4.I am Queen of the Gods. I am sister and wife to Zeus
6.I am the one who slew Medusa
8.I am the God of the South winds.
9.I am the God of time.
10.We love the trees and creatures of the forest. We are very shy.
11.I am the God of medicine.
17.I am the God of love.
19.I am the God of the Shepherds.

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