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Skeletal System

Vikky Perez

1 2 3                
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8                           9
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2.newest bone, home to osteoblasts
5.fracture, cracked, but not broken completely
8.another name for red bone marrow
10.skeleton that includes vertebrae, sternum, ribs, and cranium
11.bones that are slightly curved, able to withstand high pressure, 1 diaphysis and 2 epiphyses
12.skeleton that includes arms, legs, pelvic, and pectoral girdles
13.fracture, skin is broken, risk of infection
15.absorb or eat old bone
17.a type of connective tx whose matrix contains mineral deposits
18.bones that evolved from membrane
20.reduction, manually set
21.found at the end of bones, nose, ear, and between vertebrae
22.examples of these types of bones include cranial, sternum, and ribs
23.bones that are cube shaped, not much marrow, include carpals and phalanges
24.fracture, broken in two pieces
25.fracture, simple, skin is not broken
1.reduction, surgically set; pins, rods, plates
3.bones that evolved from cartilage
4.bone marrow that gradually replaces red blood marrow, mostly fatty cells
6.fracture, bone is shattered
7.the formation of bone
9.connects bone to bone
14.where two bones meet
16.deposits bones, gets trapped
19.bone that is embedded in tendons where excessive pressure exists, example: patella

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