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2.genetic makeup
4.the physical appearance of an animal
6.EPD is usually given as a plus or minus value; however some associations report EPDs as ratios.A minus value would indicate that the prgoeny of the bull would do poorer in the measured trait than the average bull of the breed
10.predicts the difference in maternal production of an indivdiual animal's daughters are expressed by the weaning weight of their calves.
11.Expected Progeny Difference, a measure of the degree of difference betweenthe progeny of the bull and the progeny of the average bull of the breed in the trait being meausured.
12.a group of calves that were born in the same year and season, in the same herd, of the same sex, and were manged alike
13.In EPD's, predicts the difference, in pounds, for birth weight, and is also used in calculation of calving ease
14.Maternal Breeding Value, which also uncludes ease of calving and ability to wean heavy calves
1.this is the standard indicator of growth from birth to weaning.
3.this is the standard indicator of growth from birth to yearling.
5.predicts the rancher's actual observation of weaning habits of calves raised by an animals daughters
7.EPD's are often expressed with a corresponding accuracy value which measures the strength of the relationship between the genetic prdiction and the true value.
8.the record of the ancestors of an animal
9.provides information on traits that are economically important to cattle producers including information about expected birth, weaning, and yearling weights.

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