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CPU Crossword Puzzle

Mitchell Foley

Puzzle about the Central Processing Unit.

1 2 3
6         7    
11     12              

4.Name for when a processor shares resources within a single core to execute several parts of a program at once.
6.First task that is performed by the control unit.
8.Acronym for an older form of pin set up, also used in logic gates.
9.A type of cooling. (2 Words)
10.CISC is an example of this. (2 Words)
11.Where registers are located.
12.A small pocket of data.
13.FPU stands for this. (2 Words)
14.Year that Gordon Moore made his law.
1.Component that transports data around the whole computer. (2 Words)
2.ALU stands for this. (3 Words)
3.The process of having everything doing an action at once.
5.Name for the ability of silicon to allow some charge to pass through it.
7.Type of material that crystals are composed of.

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