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Words from the French

B. Johnson

Before the Modern English that we speak today was fully settled the French of the Middle Ages was spoken in the British Isles. This was because Britain had been defeatd by France in 1066. Today, many of our words have a French ancestry.

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5.red cosmetic for the cheeks or lips
9.painting an object so it fades into the background and is hard to see
10.a small ball of minced meat, rolled in cracker crumbs and fried
11.an instrument put into the ears so you can listen to chest sounds
14.a rich buttery, crescent-shaped roll
15.treatment of the hands and nails that involves trimming and polishing the nails
20.a small store that sells cool fashionable clothing
21.an indoor area to park your vehicle
22.an animal or person used as a symbol to bring good luck
23.entertainment held in the daytime,especially in the afternoon
1.government with excessive red tape that has many little rules
2.being tired or weary
3.complete collapse or failure
4.a type of 19th century decorative glass or the main body of riders in a bike race
6.crude, not having good social skills
7.very showy, noticeable or bold
8.a short full skirt worn by ballerinas
9.a type of orange
12.a woman's bedroom
13.a game played by knocking wooden balls around with a mallet
16.a person whose job is to maintain poliltical and social relations with another country
17.chewy inside of candy that contains nuts
18.a pie-like dish that contains cheese, egg, and meat or vegetables
19.an image of something-especially in the desert or sea-that is in the wrong place
24.a very light brown color

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